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Early Years box and cart

The Early Years CD Collection

6MB cartridge ~ NOW AVAILABLE

Songbird Productions is pleased to announce The Early Years CD Collection for the Atari Jaguar! The Early Years is a collection of games and demos from some of the earliest hobby developers for the Jaguar. For the very first time you can enjoy them all packed into a massive 6MB cartridge. No CD unit required!

The Early Years cartridge release includes:

  • CGE 5th Anniversary Slideshow by Songbird Productions
  • Clicks full game by MD Games
  • JagMIND: Bomb Squad full game by Starcat Devocean
  • Native playable demo by Duranik

In addition to the cartridge, the release includes a professionally printed box, manual, and cartridge label. Pre-orders for the premium tiers including a $10 discount were open through September 6, 2019. Pre-orders for the Retrogamer tier were available at $5 off retail price until October 4, 2019. All pre-orders will ship by November 2019.

There were three pre-order tiers as shown below:

  • Retrogamer $69.95 / 74.95 (base tier)
  • Birdwatcher $89.95 (premium tier)
  • Superfan $99.95 (premium tier)

As of October 2019, only the Retrogamer tier is available.

"Retrogamer" tier Includes The Early Years cartridge/box/manual plus a 3" die-cut retro Jaguar 64 vinyl sticker.
(128 of 150 remaining)

Retrogamer $79.95

"Birdwatcher" tier Includes "Retrogamer" tier plus choice of dark gray or clear shell, a 3" die-cut Songbird vinyl sticker and your name printed in the manual.
(0 of 30 remaining)

Cartridge color
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Birdwatcher $89.95

"Superfan" tier Includes "Birdwatcher" tier plus your name displayed on the "Jaguar Superfans" intro screen when you power on the cartridge.
(0 of 20 remaining)

Cartridge color
Display name (20 chars)
Superfan $99.95

The retail price of The Early Years is $79.95, and Jaguar 64 stickers are only included while supplies last. Thus, now is the best time to purchase your cartridge and pick up some cool collectibles at the same time. Long live the Jaguar!


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