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CM2: Buried Treasure

CM2:BT takes the original Crystal Mines II game engine, including all 181 classic levels, and adds over 100 brand new levels to fry your brain! Whether you enjoy chaotic action or thoughtful puzzles, we've got every kind of new level imaginable in CM2:BT! Finally available in cartridge form for the Atari Lynx, so every fan can experience each new level right on the Lynx.

Available now.

Crystal Mines II: Buried Treasure Expansion CD

Screen shots

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CM2:BT Title

CM2:BT - Long Way Home CM2:BT - Dig Dug

CM2:BT - Schro's Cat CM2:BT - Bowl Me Away

CM2:BT - Patience, Jedi CM2:BT - Eat 'Em Up

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