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Hyperdrome was one of the ill-fated Lynx games that was essentially completed but abandoned once Atari moved from the Lynx to the Jaguar. It's clearly a Ballblazer clone, with the added bonus of supporting up to four players via comlynx. Your goal is to move about a 3D arena, collect valuable items, and return them to your goal for points. Other players compete against you and arena obstacles will knock you around as you vie for the title of Hyperdrome Champion!

Telegames formally released this game at Classic Gaming Expo on August 14, 1999. Look for details on their web pages coming soon, or order your copy direct from Songbird Productions today!

This page will eventually feature more hints on the various items you can pick up as well as strategies for the game. For now, here are some details on the game:

  • Shots appear to stun, not destroy, your opponents, although other playfield objects can be destroyed (thus robbing your competitors of the opportunity to score points).
  • The diamonds, green jewels, red jewels, and blue jewels seem to be worth the most points.
  • You can get points for any object you shoot into your goal.
  • Certain objects do have detrimental effects, such as the red-centered "lantern" which paralyzes you for a few precious seconds if touched.

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