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An Old Friend...

Ponx brings the ball-and-paddle favorite that started it all to the Atari Lynx! But this isn't your ordinary game. You can select a play field color and the number of balls in play. Try adjusting the difficulty level of the Lynx controlled opponent, or in a throwback to classic handheld gaming, play against a friend on the same Lynx unit (no comlynx cable or second Ponx cartridge necessary)! Ponx will keep you occupied for many fun and furious hours of play.

What do I get when I order Ponx?

  • Authentic curved lip cart with color label
  • Professionally printed instruction booklet
  • CD jewel case

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  • Ponx is FINISHED. Have a nice day. =)

    Seriously, everything has been implemented -- intro screens, title screen music, a couple of really fun cheats ;-), stereo sound effects, and more. Ponx was released at JagFest on June 18th.

Title screen 100%
Options screen 100%
Gameplay/graphics 100%
Performance tuning 100%
Controls 100%
Sound effects 100%
Comlynx (2P) N/A


An early version of the animated title screen

Several options to choose from, of course...

A glimpse of the current title screen

Fast-paced gameplay with one or two ball action!


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