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Songbird Productions is pleased to announce a
limited cartridge run of SFX, the
ultimate audio tool for your Atari Lynx.
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What exactly is SFX?

SFX is an exciting, new audio tool for the Lynx, first released in early 1999. Perfect for the hobbyist developer or the curious tinkerer, this sound utility will allow you direct control over the four audio channels available on the Lynx. You can adjust volumes, frequencies, waveforms, and more. With just a few moments of effort, you'll be hearing familiar engine hums, rumbling explosions, and computer garbles. Blend several channels together at once, tinker with them on the fly -- it's all possible with SFX!

What is SFX not?

Clearly, it's not a game, nor is there a hidden game inside waiting to be discovered. It's an audio tool, and its purpose is to help hobby developers experiment with the Lynx's audio features in real time, as well as provide some "sound gizmo" fun for the casual user. It's also not a full music synth, and does not allow one to chain a series of notes together to play a song.

What do I get when I order SFX?

You will receive:

  • Professionally molded cartridge with full color label
  • Professionally printed 4-page instruction booklet with illustrations in a CD-style jewel case

(From 1999: Early plans to have a flat cart with a TSOP flash ROM were dropped due to lack of commitment from my original supplier.)

How much does it cost? How do I order?

Check out the Songbird Productions web page for ordering information.

Other questions?

Please email me with any questions or comments.

1999 Cart label:


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