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In the mid-21st century, power-hungry corporations rule the streets of the largest cities. You have been employed by Cytox as a Skyhammer pilot to protect its corporate investments. You will undertake a wide variety of missions to prove your ability and ensure long-term revenues for Cytox.

Skyhammer was developed exclusively for the Atari Jaguar by famed Jaguar and PC developer Rebellion. The game features full-freedom 3D motion, nonlinear missions that allow you to reach objectives and repair your craft according to your decisions, and enough missiles, cannons, counter-measures, and bombs to repel any foe.

Other features:

  • Huge texture-mapped 3D city -- fly over buildings, in loops, or upside-down
  • Two game play modes -- Mission and Battle
  • Multiple levels of game difficulty
  • Upgradable ship
  • ProController/keypad support
  • In-game music
  • AI-controlled friendly and unfriendly vehicles
  • Saved game support

Screen Shots

Screen shots courtesy of Atari Gaming Headquarters


  • "Really good artwork and lots of cool textures... I love blowing up stuff!" - Adam
  • "A visually stunning game." - Derek Else
  • "The graphics are surprisingly good, the music is sweet... this is already a classic Jag game." - Jason Frabotta

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