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Protector: Special Edition

2MB cartridge
Atari Jaguar
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Protector: Special Edition is a new, enhanced version of Protector that will be jam-packed with all kinds of goodies to make this top 10 fan favorite even better! Possible features include an exclusive JagFest 2001 group picture, JagFree CD to enable future Jaguar CD software, new waves, new enemies, new landscapes, gameplay enhancements, and more! This is one Special Edition you won't want to miss.

Screen Shots

Help Wanted!

NOTE: Songbird is no longer seeking outside submissions for this game. Thanks to all who volunteered and/or contributed.

Here's your chance to help -- Songbird is looking for new graphics for Protector: SE! This includes:

  • New title screen
  • New landscapes
  • New background/starfield
  • Cut scenes for the intro and finale

Some sample graphics are included below. Note that you must use the same dimensions and palette information as provided for any in-game graphics (landscapes, new enemies, lasers, etc.) -- no changes to the size or colors are allowed. The only exception is for background/starfield graphics (see below).

Here is more specific info on the graphics:

  1. All graphics need to be submitted in .LBM (Deluxe Paint) compressed format.
  2. The in-game graphics (player, enemies, shots, landscapes, explosions) all use the same first 144 colors in the 256-color palette. The existing palette (in cdground.lbm) must be used for all new/modified graphics falling into the above categories.
  3. The background/starfield uses its own 64-color palette, and this can be unique per background. Simply use (only) the first 64 indices in a 256-color palette -- the game will relocate the 64 indices to the proper palette offset.
  4. The earth graphic uses its own 16-color palette. This could be overlaid only if the earth graphic is not being used.
  5. Remaining indices in the "in-game" 256-color palette are reserved for special use and may not be used.
  6. Any full-screen graphic (title screen, ending screen, etc.) can have its own unique 256-color palette.

Additionally, you are welcome to submit new music for the game. All music must be in MOD format, and can only use the samples included in the following MOD from Protector. You can't alter the samples, nor can you change their instrument number (position) in the MOD itself. But feel free to create any patterns and melodies using these samples. Please avoid using "special effects" in the MODs other than volume control and tempo -- the MOD conversion tool I use doesn't like most effects.

Sample graphics and MOD

The above link contains the following:

  • Current title screen
  • Landscape #1
  • Landscape #2
  • Landscape #3
  • Background (starfield)
  • MOD 3

By submitting any audio or visual samples to Songbird, you agree that these samples may be used royalty free by Songbird in any current or future project. If you do not agree, don't submit anything.

Progress Report

Updates in red

Work Item Status
Restore humanoids to start of level value if player is killed 100%
Add new music/audio 100%
Add new landscapes 100%
Add JagFree CD support 100%
Add BJL support 100%
Add new backgrounds 100%
Add JagFest 2001 pic 100%
Add indicator when all humanoids destroyed 100%
Enhance powerups 100%
New title screen 100%
Fix known bugs 100%
Radar improvements 100%
Combine difficulty levels into progressive set 100%

More Info

Original Protector Developer (Joergen Bech)
Protector Developer Page (Songbird)
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